Welcome to the World... Baby Joshua

“Everything is sacred when you take time to notice...
Big love happens in the small moments." 
~JJ Heller

I want to be among the first to congratulation the Ribiero family on their new son, Joshua <3 He is so adorable, all 9lbs 15 oz of squishy goodness. And he has the CUTEST wrinkly little fingers :-)


This family is so special y'all... I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting them before I walked into their delivery room and let me just say... they pulled me in!

Their kindness, graciousness, and good nature was like a magnet for my crazy story telling soul. We were able to slow down, breathe, and enjoy the sweetness and tenderness of their growing family. I got to talking with Mama and Daddy and felt so comfortable, I shared my rawness and vulnverability. THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN EASILY guys… but that’s how kind and awesome this couple is~ you connect instantly.


I LOVE my job... 
I LOVE my job... 
I LOVE my job...

and these people are a good reason WHY <3 <3


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