My story...

“I don’t want just words... if that’s all you have for me, then you’d better just go...”

F Scott Fitzgerald


Before we talk about this crazy pretty couple, i have to gush a bit about this quote- it sums up my entire business philosophy...

I am not looking for “just words”...

I am looking for moments- giggles- heartbreaking tenderness- unspeakable JOY- exuberance- love- intimacy- comfort- EMOTION…

the things that come when a family is truly connected to each other...


LOTS of other photographers (or even some amazing humans with iPhones) can create a great “portrait”. I am not interested in that. The “sit and smile” thing is NOT where my heart and my stories lie.

I want the images I create to stop you in your tracks with the love and rawness coming from them.

I want my clients to cry and hug me and say “i can’t believe you got that moment- she makes that crinkly face ALL the time!”

I want to laugh and cry several times during our time together.

I want the images we create to pull on your heartstrings until it feels difficult to breathe.

I want my work to MEAN something....

so, if you have only words for me, or only desire looking into the camera with everyone smiling images, you’re not my people.

If you desire to grab something REAL and hold onto it for a lifetime~

If you want your photos to take your breath away~

If you want to look at your images years from now and still feel the tickle of her chubby fingers on your cheek, or the sweetness of your husbands breath on your ear~

If you want to tell the story of YOUR family and YOUR love story~

Let’s do it!


❤️ PS- this couple- #goalsThis Image makes me tingle all the way down to my toes 😍

Kelly Photography