{The Beach...}one of the most amazing places in my world.

T H E B E A C H....

Every single one of these images was shot at the same location, same camera, same settings, the same time of night, and they are completely different!



The answer is simple: the beach is organic.

It is alive…

It falls prey to the constantly changing weather and tide patterns.

The shores and waters are always in motion and humming along. It is constantly changing while always remaining the same. One night it is a super orangey peachy pie sky. The next evening features a cool and relaxing aqua and lavender watercolor painting.... Sometimes the sand is as smooth as silk, yet others it is filled to the brink with glistening shells and seagrass.

The beach is much like a family~ they all have the same components (parents,kids, love and laughter) but each one is completely UNIQUE!! Your family, much like the beach, is constantly in flux. But no matter how low the tides are, or how pink the sky is~ every day is beautiful and special in it’s own loveliness.

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