KGP~ Tiny Photog: Caydence

So… in the pursuit of spreading the love of photography, we are starting something NEW!

During Family Sessions this fall, I am promoting something called “Tiny Photogs”. I am going to support ANY and ALL kiddos to try their hand at photography! They are going to take Behind the Scenes pics (or detail pics, flowers, etc…) and submit them to the blog!

Then, they get their very own tiny piece of internet real estate for ever!

First up… Miss Caydence <3

Camera: iPhoneX v.1

Favorite Color: Pink

Photographs: flowers, people, ANYTHING!

She was so sweet! She enjoyed snapping these so much, she actually asked me about being my assistant. You all should have heard her enthusiasm! She was ready to plan dates ;-) We talked about the way to build a portfolio and how to increase your skills incrementally. I will have her enthusiastic voice ringing in my ears for awhile, I was SO impressed with this sweet girl!

Kelly Photography