Capturing JOY and life’s sweetest moments


The tender smiles of a newborn.

Her tiny fist wrapped up in your hair.

A gentle smile as your husband pulls you close.

The way your 2 year old giggles when you nuzzle his neck.

The joy and emotion as your brand new baby cries into this world…

Those things fill me up and drive me forward. Every day…

I began this company 6 years ago with a simple goal: To capture beautiful memories for people NO MATTER how much they made. I believe that everyone’s story is precious, and it is my job to tell that story through our time together and the beautiful art we create.

The company has grown from 10 clients to over 225 and I am so honored to be a part of something this huge in southwest Florida.


We have shot for over 1500 different people, over cities and states, and have won many honors like Top 10 in Photography Contests such as Shoot& Share, Features in Jackie Acosta’s Blog and even featured in the Milky Way Photographer’s Retreats.

Please let us help you capture your family AS YOU ARE. In this moment.

Simply because the days are long but the years are short, and your family deserves the time and space it takes to savor your story! Come, let’s plan a play date in the park, beach, or your backyard… it is time!

If you’re still not sure- check out our testimonial page.

I can’t wait to meet you and become a part of your unique story <3

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The girl behind the camera

The girl behind the camera