the {Dufresne Family}

"It don't matter the stormy weather, 
I'll love ya better,
than anyone can..."


If I could bottle up the emotions floating around during this beautiful generational session, I have a feeling that quite a few of you would be VERY overcome.

The Dufresne family lives ALL across our beautiful country and they met together for a week down in Marco. The love, bonds, humor, and intimacy that was passed between all the members of this HUGE and gorgeous family was truly something to behold. The children were some of the most joyful and adorable things I have focused on in awhile!!! They kept dancing and running in the waves and their glee at getting their toes wet will not leave this old heart for quite a while.


Walking into this big group, I felt instantly comfortable and at home.

Thank you, sweet folks, for allowing me to share in your extraordinary memories <3 <3 <3


Kelly Photography