Fun Family Beach Poses

The beach…

It is my FAVORITE place to shoot a session. It changes every single day, yet stays the same. The skies are painted with fresh water colors right around sunset and the sun plays off of your skin and outfits SO beautifully… Planning a beach photo session (or a quick iphone shoot-off) is so much fun!

HOWEVER, you can be quite limited with your posing at the beach. There is a shockingly small amount of things to use to creatively pose your beautiful family on (especially if you dont want to lounge on the sand the whole time) so, I put together 10 of my favorite FUN poses to use in my beach sessions…

{All photography copyrighted by Kelly Goggin Photography, LLC}

1) Oldie but a goodie… WALKING!

walk right along the edge of the water, kick you toes out and shoot down the waves at your subject!


2) Dancing in the waves

3) Family Cuddle (towards the water)

4) Dig for shells, fish, whatever works;-)

5) Family walk

6) Ring around the Rosie

7) Snuggle the Baby…

8) Focus on the kiddos…

Put them in front, pose them nicely and then tell parents to look at each other, kiss, or giggle towards the kiddos


9) MY FAVE~ Squish Em Pose


#10 Tickle the Waves!


Happy Summer Shooting <3


Kelly Photography